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Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that everyone should think about. It’s something that can make sure that the closest people to you would be taken care of financially. At Central Florida Insurance, we understand life insurance, and for 45 years we’ve helped customers in Ocala, and the rest of Florida with all their life insurance needs. There are various types of life insurance policies which tend to have the same benefits, but the difference comes in costs, duration and plan structure. So we’ve created this page so you can familiarize yourself with the various life insurance policies and make an informed decision.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance tends to be one of the most common types of life insurance plans, which is also known as permanent coverage. Whole life insurance will cover you for the rest of your life. The premiums also tend to stay the same throughout the term of the policy. Also, when you pass away, there are no issues for your beneficiaries to receive the benefits; however, they tend to have the highest premiums.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is also a common type of life insurance. It’s very similar to whole life insurance, yet the only difference is that you have the ability to change the amount of coverage when you’d like. It’s also guaranteed not to fall below a specified level, which provides you and your family protection.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is a type of life insurance that lets you enjoy the potential growth that comes with investment funds in the policy. They are made up of two different accounts: the general account and the separate account. This policy can be a risky option since the amount reflects with the market.

Term Life Insurance

Term life is probably the most common of the different life insurance options. The big difference between term life insurance and the other life insurance plans we’ve discussed on this page is that protection is only provided for a specific amount of time. Premiums at the beginning of setting up a term life insurance policy tend to be the lowest, however they do rise during the life of the policy. You can also do renewals as the expiration date nears. There are a lot of term life insurance plans available for any situation.

Regardless of which type of life insurance policy interests you, our experts can help you tailor a life insurance policy that best meets your and you and your family’s financial needs. You can start by using our Life Insurance quote tool on our website to let us know about what your needs are.

Ocala Life Insurance products we offer:

  • Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Variable Life

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