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Health Insurance

In today’s world, not having health insurance or being under insured can be a huge gamble. Health care costs have sky rocketed, and even a stay at the hospital can easily end up costing you thousands of dollars. If you are self-employed or uninsured because you think health insurance is just too expensive, we might have some options that could make health insurance much more affordable. We are Central Florida Insurance, and we’ve helped many people in Ocala, and the rest of Florida with their health insurance needs since 1967. We work with the best health insurance providers around, which gives us an advantage in helping you find the best coverage for the lowest price possible. Here are some of the health insurance options that we provide.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Individual and family health insurance plans are some of our most popular plans. Our plans will, of course, differ from each of our providers. Each provider has their own priorities, which is why working with us saves you the time and the hassle of going to different providers. Not having health insurance when something happens can be extremely expensive. Studies have shown just the average check up is $89, then if you have to stay in the hospital the average hospital stay is around $4,000 a day; not even counting if something serious were to happen and additional medical care was involved. Studies have shown as much as 60% of bankruptcies are because of medical bills. Why risk your and your family’s financial situation by not having insurance? In many cases, we can give you more coverage for the price. If you are curious about what your options are for individual and/or family health insurance plans, contact us.

Group Health Insurance

If you are an employer and are looking to get health insurance for your office or simply looking for something better, we can help you develop a group health insurance policy. Just like our individual health insurance, we work with many great providers so we can find you the best combination of price and coverage. Your employees are the engines that make your business run - why not make sure their health is taken care of? With health insurance being so expensive, many of the best employees look for an employer who offers health benefits. You can almost think of it as an investment where the benefits are having high-quality employees that are healthy and happy. We understand that every business is different, which is why there are so many different plans available. Our experts have decades of experience in figuring out what kind of plan works best for your business. So if you are thinking of getting health insurance for you company or are improving a current policy, we can help you.

Health insurance can be confusing, so let our experts help you. Whether you are a self-employed individual, a family or a business owner, we can help you. Please contact us so we can get started putting together a plan for you. To start seeing what’s available, please just use our Health Quote tool and we’ll contact you with some great options.

Ocala Health Insurance products we offer:

  • Individual Health
  • Group Health
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement

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